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Allie + Elliot

First of all we absolutely LOVE this venue! Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad, CA is the ultimate in DIY rustic California. It was the perfect backdrop for this creative and talented duo Allie & Elliot (or Alliot as their friends affectionately refer to them). There were so many unique details we loved but can you believe the groom’s mom made Allie’s amazing dress?!? And she made Elliot’s super cool bow tie too! Oh! And the food was to die for! Check out Miho Gastrotruck!


From the Bride:“EEEK! Thanks so much for this! It’s so great!! I’m gonna go watch it 500 more times now! I just scared the crap out of elliot when I woke him up to watch it with me. This is amazingly beautiful and sweet. You did a wonderful job (as usual) of capturing it! I LOOOOVE the intro – everything about it. And how you used the peacock howls to lead perfectly into the song! So SOOO good. The song is really cute and sweet and fits perfectly too. What percent of you choosing that song had to do with it KINDA sounding like peacocks?? I really love all the little detail cut-ins you have, (as always they tell the story so well, and really paint a beautiful picture) and it’s hilarious that you used that beer opening shot! HA! The Elliot crying shot is great, of course. You guys are SO talented.” – Allie

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