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Freddy + Jill

Cabo Azul Mexico: When these two snowbirds got engaged they knew they wanted to swap out the cold of the northeast for the warm Latin sunshine. They decided to return to Cabo Azul, San Jose Del Cabo. A place that already held so many memories would be the setting for their wedding day. We absolutely love destination weddings. They bring together family and friends from all sides of the globe to converge on one weekend to celebrate love and life. And these people like to celebrate! We arrived for this Cabo Azul wedding on Thursday and it was a party from the get go, despite a tropical depression that rained for 4 days straight. We first met up with photographer Spencer Combs (can we put him in our camera bag and bring him to every wedding?) Amazing talent, electric personality… enough said (just hire him!!) Then off to find Freddy & Jill! They were of course by the pool, in the rain, enjoying margaritas and fish tacos with their friends. From the moment we met them we fell in love with them and their whole family! Their love for life and excitement over being at Cabo Azul was contagious. The next 3 days was a whirlwind of activity and nothing could dampen their happiness. Not the rain, sun, humidity (Cabo in August anyone?) or heat… Not only were we honored to film this group as they celebrated Jill & Freddy’s wedding in Cabo, we also brought home many warm memories that will stay with us and continue to inspire us in our journey.


Review: “OMG – WE LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! This is sooo incredible – Our family and friends just adored it – they haven’t seen anything like it:) It was so fun, fresh and genuine – we can’t express how much we love it! Having you guys be a part of it was one of the best decisions we made. We can’t thank you enough for helping us relive that day in such a beautiful way. It’s parts like seeing my dad dance right after our ceremony that brings a smile to our faces. And great song choice! WE LOOOOOVE IT! Thank you guys – this is just amazing!! Brought tears to our eyes!”-Jill & Freddy


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