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What formats do you film in?

We shoot in two formats Super 8mm and Digital Video. Digital video is the traditional format most all wedding videos are captured in today along with commercials, tv, and many feature films. Super 8mm is a more unique, nostalgic look. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Super 8mm film?

Super 8mm is a vintage format of motion picture film that was invented by Kodak in 1965. Many families have old home movies that were shot with super 8mm film. Super 8mm gives a vintage, nostalgic, and grainy look that many people love for its unique characteristics. Oftentimes it is used in feature films to convey the feeling of flashing back to a memory from the past or to a sweet day dream. This is why many love this look for weddings... one of the sweetest of all memories.


When you select a super 8mm package with us we use authentic vintage super 8mm cameras and real super 8mm film to capture select special moments of your wedding day. After your wedding day, the film is sent to a lab to be developed, color corrected and transferred to a high resolution digital format before being sent back to us to edit.


Since it is a light sensitive format, we can use it with ease until the sunsets or the party moves indoors. We typically suggest having our team also record in digital video for your entire wedding ceremony, any speeches, and any other events you would like covered after dark. With a super 8mm package we will discuss with you how much or how little digital video you would like mixed into your film. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Are travel fees included?

Yes! All travel fees are included in the package quote we send. Just make sure to include the city and state of your ceremony venue when you fill out the contact us form.

Do you film in 4K digital video?

Yes we do.

Who will be filming my wedding?

Ted and Alanna Hinkle. Learn more about us here. Occasionally, based on your event needs, we may choose to bring an extra shooter we trust to help us out. In either case we endeavor to have as small and as light of a footprint as possible. 

any other questions we didn't answer above?

Just drop us a line - we'd love to answer any questions you may have or help you figure out what your wedding video needs are. 

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