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Mike + Amy

Congrats Amy & Mike! Here’s to finding your home plate. A wedding at Estancia, La Jolla.


From the Bride & Groom:“OH MY GOSH!!!!! We LOVE it!! Thank you so much for capturing our story! We just watched it because Mike has been on duty for the past 2 days. It was torture waiting! We can’t wait for the full length video now! We had such a blast working with you guys and think you are absolutely amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!” – XO, Mike and Amy

Ryan + Dave

Ryan & Dave’s wedding was full of sentiment and nuance. A day that brought family together to celebrate their love and the memory of those who had gone before… An “off the charts amazing day” captured with super 8 film and HD video at Camp Cabernet Saddlerock Ranch, Malibu CA.


From the Bride:“Both Dave & I, and our parents/families who have watched the video are simply floored by the beauty and sentiment you were able to capture from the day. Both sets of parents, and of course Papa Jim, reported watching in tears. Dave said that the film was so touching, and such a great way to be able to re-live the day, and to see ourselves from the outside. He said he felt like it brought him back to when we were standing up there, and that watching it was just a flood of emotions. As I watched (and re-watched, and re-watched) the film, I was so grateful that we got in touch with you to make this film happen. Even from just this first six minutes, I can tell that it is exactly what I had hoped for–a gorgeous “time capsule” of the day, put together with thought, care, and the skills of two artists. I remember when I used to watch other people’s Modern 8 highlight films on your blog, and how I would cry, even though the couple were strangers to me. Now, I get it–I can completely see how strangers could watch our film, get this peek into our lives and our family, and be brought to that level of emotion. We CANNOT WAIT to see the rest of it! You are both so incredibly talented. My brother said ‘I can’t believe they could do that, just them. It looks like it was shot on a movie set!’ So, thank you Ted & Alanna, we ADORE your work and are so happy to have met and worked with you.” -Ryan Eagle

Jack + Judy

Fall in love with Jack & Judy… They are adorable! Check out their awesome venue too, The Carondelet House in downtown Los Angeles.


From Bride & Groom:“Hello Alanna and Ted! Thank you for bringing us back to that day. We love it and can’t stop watching it. We can’t thank you enough for your hard work! You are amazing! " -Judy & Jack

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