Casey + Jen

An early morning surf session with the groom brings much anticipation for what lies ahead on the wedding day. Will he make it on time? Will he make it through his vows? Will she? Not to worry, this story has a happy ending:) Captured with a mixture of HD video and super 8 film. Coordinated by Bre Nelson of Joyful Weddings & Events, florals and design by Kelsey Jones of Daises of Our Lives, and photographed by our good friend Lane Dittoe at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.


Review: “This is the best thing i have ever seen. You guys are so great. We’re watching it for the second time. You captured the day, and us, perfectly. We love it and can’t wait to share it with people. Thank you!! So amazing guys! Couldn’t be happier!” – Jen + Casey

Geoff + Ricki

What happens when it rains on your wedding day? You pull out the umbrellas, send someone to Target for rain boots, and get married anyways. This super 8 and HD wedding video was filmed at The Rancho Bernardo Inn, Photographed by Ben Chrismanand coordinated by Jessie Abrams.


Review: “You made my day!! Thank you so much for the highlight. It is amazing.” – Ricki

Tommy + Rachel Little did Tommy know that as he fell off his skate board one day while riding to class his future wife was standing nearby. When she called him to ask if he could teach her how to skateboard he of course said yes, unsure of what it would lead too. But after a date to a soccer game when Rachel turned and asked, “Wanna go skate some more?” Tommy knew he was in love. Rachel signed her wedding card to him with this memorable question that had led them to this day. Letters, cards, vows, nerf gun stand offs… The little audio moments that told their day were very important to them. And although Ted had to take a couple nerf gun wounds for the team, we didn’t let a moment pass us by. All this became a story with a lot of fun and a lot of heart. This San Diego Wedding Video was filmed at The Catamaran Resort & Spa. Joined by Scott of Ventana Photography and wedding planner Gina of San Diego Weddings by Gina.


Review: "Tommy and I can’t thank you enough. We just sat down and watched it together and it brought us both to tears. You did such a beautiful job! You guys have such talent and an eye for putting our day together. THANK YOU! Its everything we wanted and more.  The video is amazing" -Rachel & Tommy