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June + Daniel

“To be loved by June…” is a montage of super 8 film and HD video. Throw in a couple of zebras and a sleepy white tiger and you have a pretty awesome wedding day that no guest would soon forget. Filmed at Rancho Las Lomas in Orange County, this wedding venue completely transfers you to another world. We absolutely love it! And don’t worry, the lions are a safe distance from the ceremony site.

Behind The Scenes: Filming tigers is not as easy as it looks… For one: It’s a tiger, and we don’t care what you say it’s STILL intimidating behind a fence. Two: It took about 30mins of boring tiger footage before he decided to yawn really big for us. Totally worth it. Zebras are much easier.


From the Bride & Groom: “THANK YOU. We absolutely love it — I am shaking of excitement.  We have watched it three times already, completely speechless, the biggest smiles on our faces, and forwarded it to everyone we know.  You are incredibly, amazingly, talented and we are beyond thankful for the hours and hours of hard work you put into this. I can’t believe how beautiful and perfect it is and the comments are flowing in by the minute. We love, love, love the music choice and the HD/Super 8 combination and just everything about it. We can’t wait to see the rest and really cannot thank you enough! You have allowed us to remember and relive our day in a way no one else could and we are thrilled.” – June & Daniel


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