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Bobby + Claire

It was a great year here at Modern 8 Films. 30 weddings, 30 first kisses, 30 nervous grooms, 30 beautiful brides… We started in Santa Barbara and made our way to San Francisco, Yosemite, Mexico, Georgia, up and down California and ended our travels with Bobby & Claire in Alabama. We could not have finished the year on a better note (or couple:) Birmingham surprised us with it’s beauty, culture, and warm hearted people. It was a captivating city to film and we enjoyed every minute of it, despite the rain! We thank Bobby, Claire, and the many other wonderful couples that inspired us to new heights, made us laugh, made us cry, but most importantly, left us with 30 inspiring stories to tell. Bobby & Claire, this one is for you.

Behind The Scenes: The wall of ribbons at this wedding was one of our favorite ceremony details of the year. Handmade by the bride and her mom, not only was it beautiful in person but it also looked amazing as a backdrop on camera. Another favorite at this wedding was the little lapel heart stickers passed out to each guest as they entered the room. Such a sweet personal touch that brought everyone together.


From the Bride & Groom:“Thank you so much!! We love the film!! So perfect. Every shot was great and we could not have imagined a better finished product. You captured all the details we knew were there plus ones we didn’t even know about. For some reason, the shots of guests coming in and putting on those stickers is one of my favorites. Just something about their happiness to be a part of it. Those kinds of shots are why we wanted you guys so much. And thanks for making bham look great! You guys are incredible!” – Claire & Bobby


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