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Monica + Neil

A gorgeous super 8 wedding in the Colorado Rockies. Destination weddings always have such an intimate feel, large or small, and this was no exception. Friends and family traveled from near and far to honor and witness the marriage of Neil Patrick Stewart and Monica Raymund (Lie To Me, The Good Wife). Becoming part of something that was truly meaningful for all in attendance. From the mountainside nuptials to the cozy cabin reception, Modern 8 was surrounded by inspiration at this rustic cabin wedding. We had a blast working alongside photographer Carl Zoch. Featured on the Ruffled Blog. Read more about it here.

Lovine, Kat & Nickel

It’s often said that “it’s about the journey not the destination” but for this couple it was about the journey AND the destination.

Wonder and exploration have been part of Lovine and Kat’s history from the beginning… But the desert has always been a special, magical place for them. A place where there was always something new to see, new to explore, an ever changing landscape. As they started to plan their wedding they knew exactly where to go… back to Death Valley. They had been there before but never like this..

Our journey with them began at a gas station off the 395. As they pulled into the station in their red VW bus (affectionately called “Vanessa”) the crew piled out… Kat, Lovine, Nickel the dog, and a few friends. It was the day before the wedding. We had a quick pow-wow about the route we were about to take into the park and then off we went. The first day of shooting started at the park entrance sign, for a jumping shot of course, and then we continued on down into Death Valley.. Down, down, and down some more until we were 100 feet below sea level. The rest of their family soon followed. We randevu’d at The Furnace Creek Ranch for a steak dinner and a good night’s sleep before heading out into the great unknown the following morning.

The next day started out like any other wedding: a white dress, a groom, flowers, family… But then we started our trek. We were headed out 80 miles to the wedding site and family camping trip turned reception. 60 miles on pavement with a few classic stops: Zabriski Point, The Devil’s golf course, Stovepipe Wells, and Ubehebe Crater. Then the last 20 miles off road to The Racetrack Playa. Places they had been before, but never like this…

Finally we arrived at The Racetrack… Named after the mysterious “moving rocks” on the flattest surface found in nature… A perfect place for an adventurist wedding. There were vows, rings, a kiss and celebration… but still nothing like any other wedding day. Then off to dry camp to set up tents, eat BBQ, and sing campfire songs. On a whim we set up a time lapse of the stars and then crawled into our sleeping bags. We have filmed many weddings, but never like this…


From the Groom: “Thank you guys so much. It’s really amazing the power of film and how it moves everyone who has the chance to view this and hear our story. Your work is really the icing on our cake and have blown all our expectations out of the water. Lots of people shed tears, and a lot of guys are mad at me for “raising the bar” when in fact, we all just put it where it belongs:)” – Lovine

From the Bride: “Oh my gosh, I love it!! I didn’t realize I was grinning so hard throughout while watching the video that my cheeks hurt now, haha! I love the split screens and timelapses and all! Thanks you guys!!!:)” – Kat

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